Google Gooru’s Admin Training Week


April 22nd, 23rd and 24th, Google Gooru will be hosting our first ever Free Admin Training Week! This three day interactive event will cover the keys to managing your Google Apps domain with help from some of the industry’s leading experts.

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April 23rd – Google Drive and FlashPanel (2-4 PM EST)

April 24th – Google Sites and Mobile Device Management (2-4 PM EST)

Every session will be held via Hangout on Air, so anyone is welcome to attend…free of charge! We love giving out free stuff, so here is what all attendees will receive:

And one more thing..

Attending all six sessions will automatically enroll you in a chance to win a Free Chromebook Pixel! So check out the event pages below, don’t forget to register and we’ll see you there!


Google Apps Admin Console – Justin Gale, BRP (2-3 PM EST)

Justin Gale is an IT Architect for BRP and a frequent contributor to Google Apps communities, including Google Gooru. Justin will introduce the Google Apps Admin Console and provide some insight into how he has managed one of Google’s largest enterprise Google Apps accounts.

Google Apps Script – James Ferreira, Apps4Gapps (3-4 PM EST)

James Ferreira, of Apps4Gapps, is a long-time contributor to the Google Apps Script community, as well as Google Script – Enterprise Application Essentials. James will be covering some of his favorite Apps Scripts that you can apply to your domain.


Google Drive Management – Michael Spadaro, Profound Cloud (2-3 PM EST)

Michael is the founder and CEO of Profound Cloud, a New York City based Google Apps Reseller. Michael is a Google Gooru contributor and will be covering Google Drive management and best practices.

Managing Google Apps with FlashPanel – Michael Rothenberg, BetterCloud (3-4 PM EST)

Michael is an Account Executive for BetterCloud, the leading provider of management and security software for cloud enabled organizations around the world. Michael will be covering best practices for managing Google Apps with BetterCloud’s flagship product, FlashPanel.


Google Sites – Kyle Horst, Kirksville Web Design (2-3 PM EST)

Kyle is the lead designer for Kirksville Web Design and an expert on Google Sites. Kyle was one of the first contributors to Google Gooru and will be covering how you can use Google Sites to create a company intranet.

Mobile Device Management – Justin Gale, BRP (3-4 PM EST)

Justin Gale is an IT Architect for BRP and a frequent contributor to Google Apps communities, including Google Gooru. Justin will be providing an introduction to Mobile Device Management which is increasingly important as more users choose to bring their own devices to work.


Update to Gmail makes it even easier to share your photos

For the vast majority of us, our phone has become the one device we use to take photos. Since we always have our phones with us, we’re taking more photos than ever before. This is great for convenience, but sometimes we can lose track of what photos we’ve taken. If you use Google’s Auto-Backup feature, a recent update allows you to quickly and easily share those photos via Gmail on the web.

Send Photos through Gmail

A brand new ‘Insert Photo’ button is rolling out today for Gmail, offering yet another option for sharing photos with the people that are important to you. The best part about this update is that after enabling Auto-Backup, no other actions are required. Every time your photos are backed up, they’ll also be available to share through Gmail.

Image cropping in Gmail


Randomize answer options for Google Forms

This week the Google Drive team announced a great update to Google Forms, allowing you to randomize answer options for a number of different question types. If you’ve been paying attention, Google has released a bunch of of updates to Forms in the past year, taking it from an extremely limited survey tool to a pretty comprehensive option. It still doesn’t serve all needs as of yet, but these recent changes are much appreciated.

Shuffle answer order

Randomizing the order of answers is great because it can remove some of the inherent bias that comes with a survey. Responders tend to choose the first option they are presented, so randomizing the order can help to get a more accurate depiction of how your survey takers feel.

If you want your survey takers to see answer options in a randomized order, simply click on the ‘Advanced settings’ link inside the question field and select ‘Shuffle option order’. Randomized answer options are available for the following question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Check boxes
  • Choose from a list
  • Grid

How to Convert a Spreadsheet to the New Google Sheets

Since the new version of Google Sheets was released we’ve had a lot of fun trying out all the new features. The downside is that if you really love one of the new tools, you’re limited to using them for only newly created Sheets.

While you can’t automatically convert an existing Spreadsheet into the New Google Sheets, there is a really easy workaround that takes no time at all. Hopefully Google will allow us to convert all of our Spreadsheets at some point, but in the mean time this should help out immensely.

To convert your Spreadsheets:

  1. Open the spreadsheet you would like to convert
  2. Select ‘Download as’ from the File tab
  3. Chose the Microsoft Excel filetype (doesn’t matter if you have an Excel account)
  4. Find the downloaded file and upload it back into Google Drive
  5. Make sure the Excel file is converting to the Google Sheets format
  6. Don’t forget to share with all your collaborators from the last file!

Create a Custom Chrome Web Store for your Google Apps Domain

The Chrome Web Store is where anyone with a Google account can add amazing apps and extensions for a number of different needs. While there are tons of great tools available, some of them may not be appropriate for all users, or they may be deemed a security risk. If this applies to your Google Apps domain you may want to look into creating a Custom Chrome Web Store for your users.

The Google Apps Admin Console makes it extremely simple to manage the Chrome Web Store so users only have access to tools that are necessary (or at least appropriate). There are two main strategies that we cover in this video:

  1. Approve all applications while only blocking a select few
  2. Block all applications while only approving a select few

And like most all features in the Google Apps Admin Console, you can apply these settings domain wide or create custom settings for each Organizational Unit.


Adjust the number of printed pages for Google Sheets

If you’ve ever tried to print a Google Sheet, you may have realized that it isn’t the best experience in the world. The process isn’t exactly customizable and sometimes it can be spread over several different pages, even if it would fit nicely on one.

This video offers a really simple solution to adjusting the number of printed pages for a Google Sheet. Using this method will make it much easier to view a hard copy of your data, while also saving paper!


4 Advanced Search Operators to Help Find Elusive Google Drive Files

A lot of the value of Google Drive comes from how quickly we can identify and access exactly what we’re looking for. While creating a folder structure can serve as a great foundation to Drive, we’ve found that many people fail to maintain these folders, making search a much more efficient option.

This video covers a few of the best search operators in Google Drive and how you can put them to good use. For example, if you frequently add stars to files in Google Drive, it almost ruins the point of having them! But pairing a keyword search with a specific search operator can help turn up those important files in no time.

The search operators in this video include:

title: – search by the file’s title (group phrases in quotation marks)
owner: – search according to who owns the item (works best with owner:email address)
type: – search by the file type (this covers: document, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, image, video, image_or_video, pdf, and textdoc)
is:starred – search items that you’ve marked with a star


Microsoft Launches Wearables Division Ahead of Build 2014

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Ahead of Microsoft’s Build 2014 conference, which starts tomorrow, the company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, today announced Microsoft’s foray into wearables. The new division stands to yet again pit Microsoft head to head with Google, which launched Glass two years ago and recently announced Android Wear, a project extending Android to wearables starting with the watch.

Microsoft revealed its new wearables in a fashion show featuring a mix of models and senior Microsoft employees.

First up, the Smartwatch

Unlike Android Wear’s sleek design and seemingly endless functionality, Microsoft’s watch is decidedly less, Bill Gateswell, smart. The product features a black leather strap and an opaque black plastic watch face. The device alerts wearers when they’ve received an email, text or other notification. “For now,” Nadella told reporters, “beyond initial syncing, users cannot interact with the watch itself, but rather use it as a wrist-beeper of sorts.” Nadella also showed off the watch’s Yoga-like functionality when he detached the device’s strap and turned the plastic face into a traditional clip on beeper.

High Tech Fanny Pack

Microsoft also introduced a wearable keyboard with storage for essential personal items like chapstick and spare thumb drives. The keyboard, which clasps at the wearer’s hips, is activated only when in close proximity to a Surface Tablet or Windows Phone. Unfortunately, as there were no such devices in the room at the time of the demonstration, we were unable to see the new keyboard in action.

A Tribute to Bill Gates

Lastly, Redmond announced its own eyewear dubbed the Gates, for obvious reasons. The glasses, Nadella’s tribute to his new boss, replicate founder Bill Gates’s iconic spectacles, featuring thick metal frames and even thicker lenses. The Gates is by far the most advanced item in the wearables line and runs on a version of Windows optimized for mobile. The glasses feature a calculator operable by voice command, a visual protractor, access to Bing and much more. Users are guided through the product’s features by Clippy, everyone’s favorite Microsoft Office interactive, animated character.

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Report: Employees claim Office for iPad is too simple, worried they are missing something

WICHITA, KS — Employees at Sullivan’s Tire Emporium have never been terribly tech savvy, making this weekend’s news all the more puzzling. Erik Johansson, the head of IT at Sullivan’s, claims that the vast majority of employees in his company are unhappy with the brand-new Office for iPad app, but not for the reasons you might expect.

“As an IT administrator, you get used to passive-aggressive emails from your users over the weekend” claimed Erik. “It’s kind of a right of passage.”

When pressed on the events of the past weekend, Erik failed to come up with a logical explanation.puzzled guy

“Normally we’re trying to solve pretty common Microsoft issues, like an accidentally deleted email or converting Word files from one version to another. Stuff like that.”

“Well when we heard Microsoft was finally introducing Office for iPad we were really excited, this is something our users have been wanting for a while now. We knew this would be a big change, but we didn’t expect how upset everyone would be” Erik continued.

“Turns out, everyone is so used to all of the confusing features in Word and Excel, that they had no idea how to handle the simplified experience on the iPad. They actually thought we were trying to trick them! Five hours later and we were still trying to explain that, ‘Yeah…this is it.’”

The employees in question couldn’t be reached for comment, but we were able to get our hands on some quotes from the emails:

“Are you kidding me? It took Microsoft that long to come out with this?”

“I don’t know if you know this Nudella guy or whatever, but tell him I’m pissed.”

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New Image Editing Tools in Google Slides and Drawings

One of the most frustrating things about Google Drive is that if you wanted to do some image editing, no matter how basic, you would need a 3rd party tool. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great tools out there, but this most recent update to Slides and Drawings makes life a lot easier.

If you’re looking for a basic image editing tool to crop images, or even add turn them into cool shapes, then this update is definitely worth checking out. Thanks again to Google for making Slides an even better tool!