6 Google Apps Updates from November that you Might Have Missed (with animated GIFs)


This fall was a hectic time for Google Apps updates! If you were on vacation, or just preparing for the holidays, there’s a chance you might have missed some very (…) Read more

Managing Hangouts in the Google Apps Admin Console

Managing Hangouts in the Google Apps Admin Console

The Google Enterprise team recently released some updates for Google Hangouts management in the Admin Console. Admins can now customize exactly which features are available to which users, which was (…) Read more

18 Tips for Google Apps Users and Admins


Last week we asked our loyal newsletter subscribers for their favorite user (or admin) tips in Google Apps. We received an overwhelming amount of responses, so we needed to narrow (…) Read more

Restricted Communities for Google Apps for Business


Today the Google Enterprise team released a really exciting update for Google Apps for Business customers: Restricted Google+ Communities. Most of you are familiar with the difference between Public and (…) Read more

Major Updates to Google Plus Hangouts, Photos and Videos


Despite a roughly 45 minute delay caused by a power outage in the San Francisco area, +Vic Gundotra from the Google+ team announced some of the biggest updates since the (…) Read more

Remote Desktop Support with Google Hangouts

Remote Desktop Support with Google Hangouts

The experience of working remotely has never been easier thanks to Google Apps and the collaboration tools that come with it. However, if you’re an IT or Google Apps Admin, (…) Read more

Google Apps for the iPad

Google Apps for the iPad

Do you love your iPad? Are you also a Google Apps user? If so, there are a ton of Google Apps features that you can use on your iPad to (…) Read more

Make Phone Calls with the New Hangouts


One of the biggest complaints we heard about the new Google+ Hangouts was phone calls were no longer supported. Because of this, many people decided to hang on to the (…) Read more

How to Start a Hangout on Air

How to Start a Hangout on Air

With the recent updates to Google+, it’s as good a time as ever to review how to start a Hangout on Air. Hangouts on Air are one of the best (…) Read more

New Notifications Interface for Google+


This Google+ update ┬ájust rolled out to one of our accounts, and it looks like most users still have the ‘notifications counter’ to keep track of their Google+ notifications. This (…) Read more